Bleu Kelsch

Nature according to Kelsch Blue

Created in 2003, kelsch blue is a craft company specialized in the elaboration of French natural products bound(connected) to the atmosphere and to the well-being.

Our typified and original scents evoke all the east traditions (the magic of Christmas, the balconies decorated with flowers in Alsace, the tart in quetsches, jam of cherry plum, the grilled hazelnut ..)

These fragrances are declined in the form of candles, of flavors(perfumes) of atmosphere, perfumed wood: the orange gingerbread, the cinnamon quetsche, the geranium peppers black and good others else will make you dream and travel in the country of the memories(souvenirs).
The mark(brand) kelsch blue(bruise) protects your environment and your skin. Rich in essential oil and biological plant extracts, without coloring nor conservative(curator) and not tested on animals, our products are!


Alsace, renowned for its culinary art, its traditions and its lifestyle, is largely neglected in terms of botany (a source of well being, not exploited often enough).

Why not bring out this spirit of “Alsatian nature” through the active components of plants, essential oils, and hydrolates, along with their legends?

(An example of an Alsatian legend given with each product appears in this dossier.)


Our beautiful region asks only to be discovered and courted by tourism, a tourism sensitive to the “ecological” notion of our biotope.