Bleu Kelsch

The Geranium


A short walk through our region is enough to realise that the geranium is one of Alsace’s favourite flowers.

This success is due not only  to its spectacular flowers but also to the essences of geraniol and citronella that it contains. The latter repels mosquitoes, which explains why the geranium is the star of our balconies.

But it is not its only virtue, since geraniums are used in certain traditional decoctions, some of which are quite astonishing:

 To cure melancholy

“To cure melancholy, an infallible remedy consists in taking geranium, thyme and dill.

For the geranium, take a flowering sprig, preferably red…

… Pick the stems these three plants in the early hours when the dew will guarantee their freshness.

… Crush and mix the ingredients, let them macerate, and give a spoonful of this mixture to the invalid every day until his strength returns.”

The geranium, the fruit of which resembles a stork’s bill (geranos in Greek, whence its name), is used in homeopathy to stop bleeding, and herbal tea made from geranium is very effective against a sore throat.


In cosmetics, the essential oil of geranium is used for its relaxing and balancing effects.

An excellent stimulant, it is recognised as being rejuvenating for the skin.

Using products containing essential oil of bourbon geranium will give you a moment of well being and relaxation, whilst helping with the cellular rejuvenation of your skin.