Bleu Kelsch

Bleu as in calm and serenity.

Because Alsace is not just a point of transit, because my country is not limited to a few snapshots, because Alsace is above all a region of authenticity, rich with values, history and people. My beautiful province is known more for its charming towns, its picturesque villages, the pleasures of its cuisine. So come and discover the secret charm of its forests and its wealth of plant life.

Known since the dawn of time, the virtues of the plants growing in our good earth are part of our customs and folklore. In the seventeenth century, no bride would have dreamt of marrying without a crown of rosemary! Our legends are woven sprig by sprig from the thousand and one plants that adorn our forests. The principle reagents that they contain ask only to be able to fulfil their potential through skilful preparations intended to enhance our well being. Nature knows how to reward those who listen to it.

Kelsch, for tradition.

This simple cloth, made of coloured threads crisscrossed in such a way as to form a tartan motif, which is always different, tells us of a time when luxury rhymed with authenticity and sobriety.

Made of linen or hemp, kelsch traditionally comes in three colours: blue, red and natural. This emblematic Alsatian cloth is a lesson in patience: woven by our grandmothers in the evenings, sitting by the hearth, its colours are extracted from the dye-producing plants of the region. 

This cloth, from which our ancestors would make skirts and quilts, murmurs to us that our bodies also deserve patience and attention. Taking time, the luxury of our age.

Bleu kelsch was born of two passions: Alsace and natural perfumes.

My education as a chemist and my experiences in various cosmetics companies have magnified my natural penchant for creams and aromas. What could be more intoxicating than the discovery of an unknown scent?

My roots, deeply embedded in the soil of Alsace, have naturally led me to favour the plants and aromas of my region.

Bleu kelsch, a natural Alsace, between the Vosges and the Black Forest, a facet full of charm, which is close to my heart, and when you’re called FRITZ, how can you deny your origins?

Laurence FRITZ