Bleu Kelsch

The legend of the fir tree

Formerly, all the trees of the forest kept(preserved) their sheets(leaves) at the approach of the winter. Today, only the fir tree remains green in the winter months. 
Near Christmas, a small bird was not able to fly away towards the hot countries, because its wing was broken. How was he(it) going to resist if need be of the winter? 
Trembling with cold, he(it) shelters in the foliage of a big oak. The oak refuses to welcome him(it): " go away, you are going to eat all my acorns(glans) " he says.
In spite of the snow, he(it) leaves the big tree to take refuge with the branches of the bushy beech. " Do not stay there, you are going to peck at my beechnuts " he says. 
The small terrified bird escapes to hide in a birch which hunts(chases away) him(it) immediately: " I do not want of you, you are going to make dirty my branches ".
Pushed away(Repelled) by all the trees, The small bird lies down(goes to bed) in the snow to die. He(it) sees sudden a few steps away from there a fir tree which makes a sign to(tells) him(her). Wings were numbed by the cold, he(it) drags itself towards the fir tree. " Here, you are afraid of nothing, I shall protect you " he tells him(her). The day before Christmas, a terrible wind blew on the forest. All the trees lost their sheets(leaves) under the strength of the wind. Only the fir tree kept(preserved) its foliage, because it had welcomed the small sick bird. 
That's why the fir tree is the Christmas tree, generous and protective, goshawk today of which we meet.

D'après H.J. Troxler,