Bleu Kelsch

The golden pits of cherry

Legend pulled(fired) by Gabriel Gravier's book " legends of Alsace "
Jerry, a young shepherd kept(guarded) the animals of the forest warden on the slopes of the Haut-Koenigsbourg. One Sunday the day of his(its) birthday(anniversary) he(it) was very hardly bored.
Then he(it) climbed the high rocks which dominated the pasture. " These rocks are enchanted, had said many a time the forest warden, and nobody was ever able to make the ascent and to get down again it living "
The boy while thinking of these words considered himself capable of trying the adventure, especially as the witches, tired by their night of Sabbath, would not certainly come to grind near the cliff in broad daylight especially Sunday. He(it) climbed(soared) through shrubs and masses of fallen rocks and reached at the top of the cliff. It was surprised finding there, very clean, a little gilded(bronzed), pits(cores) of cherry distributed in new(nine) heap understanding(including) each four of these tiny balls: three on the base(basis) and one over.
" If I had a thrower, thought you he I could play the small heap " he(it) discovered a big pit(core) and used(got) it to aim at four youngs of the 1st heap which are mirrored to roll some around the others at the edge of the rock to fall a little more low all to the same place. He(it) made and so on for the other heaps. At the end the thrower became a big golden ball. She(it) escaped from Jerry's hands and was there to fall in the middle of the small pits(cores). The shepherd put himself face downward and looked below without being afraid of the dizziness. He lives a small man there carrying(wearing) a beautiful and long beard the head combed(put on) by a sharp hat(cap).

The dwarf raised eyes towards Jerry and of a saddened air he showed the bag of golden coins which he held opened in the left hand. Then he says " Silly goose! " Fast the shepherd came down again down from rocks to join the small chap, but he does not live him(it) any more, and never he was able to find him(it).
Because of the game(set,play), the boy had just lost the treasure which the dwarf of the mountain wanted to offer him(her) for his birthday.