Bleu Kelsch



Hops or Humulus lupulus have been used in brewing since the Middle Ages. An indispensable ingredient in manufacturing an authentic Alsatian beer, hop fields punctuate the various landscapes of the region and they are mentioned in numerous tales and legends.

 The Hop Field of Diemeringen

Just in front of the northern gate of Diemeringen is a field in which the best hops in the region are cultivated.

The story goes, in this village in Alsace Bossue, that a miracle would take place on Christmas night.

In the hour before the twelve chimes sounding the beginning of midnight mass, anyone who, with patience and discretion, had managed to get into the field would be witness to a strange and marvellous phenomenon.

At this time of night, the hops would be growing and buds bursting with life and sap would come into flower.

“D’r Hopfe kommt,” people would say in their local dialect.

But, at the sound of the bell calling latecomers, the buds would wilt and the plant would return underground.

The more beautiful and numerous the buds, the better the harvest the following year.

This legend illustrates a popular belief that it very common in Alsace, that of the creation of life on Christmas night.

The medicinal properties of hops are said to have been discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century: it is an antiseptic and a renowned aphrodisiac.

In cosmetics, hop extracts are used for their moisturising, softening, tonic and antiseptic properties.

se hop shampoos as regularly as you wish and your hair will be revitalised and shiny.

In the morning, the tonics will prepare your mind and body to face your day full of energy.