Bleu Kelsch

The Hazelnut


The hazelnut, a plant that grows throughoutEurope, is particularly prevalent inAlsace. Appreciated for its nuts and wood alike, the hazelnut receives a great deal of attention in Alsatian folklore.


Life giving

In the south of Alsace, a mysterious custom had it that, on the first day of the month of May, young men would hit all the young girls they met with green hazelnut twigs.

Through this magical gesture, the young girls would be filled with vitality. They themselves would become fertile, ready to give life.

This custom is referred to as “fitze”, a name that derives from “gfitzt”, which can be translated as interesting, successful.

Amongst others, this custom illustrates the place occupied in Alsace by the hazelnut, a tree that symbolises the renewal of life, a protective tree.

Hazelnut oil has always been particularly enjoyed by gourmets for its finesse and flavour.


In cosmetics, the moisturising properties of this fine oil have led to its use in poultices and the elaboration of skincare oils. Hazelnut oil’s high vitamin F content (polyunsaturated essential fatty acids) enhances the strength of other essential oils.

Hazelnut oil is ideal for all skin types. Skin care and massage oils, recommended for body care, have the property of penetrating rapidly into the skin and deeply nourishing it.